We are excited that school is about to start and that we will get to see you again! The first day of school is August 20, 2018. It is best if your students arrive by 8:10 as Homeroom starts at 8:20. Last year some students thought that if they missed homeroom that it didn't count against their absence count. They were mistaken, it does. Homeroom is an important part of the day. It is where important information is shared, forms and permission slips handed out, and daily announcements are given. In the past we have had students miss important deadlines because they were not present for Homeroom. Let's start the year off right! Come to school on time and don't be late! See you all soon!

Information about the October 15th Parent Classroom Openhouse!

 In order to be able to have this event, certain rules must be followed in order to not disrupt student learning. Please, if you have any questions about these rules, ask in advance of the event. Thank you! 

1. No phone use during class time. 

2. No pictures or videos are to be taken during class time. 

3. Parents are not to interrupt the class except in the case of an emergency. 

4. Parents must specify which of their student’s classes they wish to attend. 

5. Parents can only attend classes that they have a student in. 

6. Younger children will be excited to see their mom or dad in the classroom. For this reason students will not be allowed to sit/interact/talk with their parents in the classroom, as it may be disruptive to the rest of the students learning. If this becomes a major issue, it is at the teachers discretion as to whether the parent will be allowed to stay for the remainder of that class. 

7. Parents are there only to observe. Parents should not interact with the class in anyway. Any questions parents may have will have to wait until the PTO meeting after school. 

8. Parents will stay for an entire class period. Coming in late or leaving early will be a disruption to the learning of the students in the class. 

9. Any discussion about any classrooms parents have observed will take place at the PTO meeting after school. 

10. Parents must RSVP to attend this event for planning purposes. 

참관수업의 원활한 진행을 위해, 학생수업이 방해되지 않도록 따라주셔야 할 몇 가지 규칙이 있습니다. 이 규칙에 대해 궁금하신 사항 있으시면, 참관수업 전에 문의해 주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다. 

1. 수업시간 중 전화기 사용을 금지합니다. 

2. 수업시간 중 사진 또는 비디오촬영을 금지합니다. 

3. 응급사항을 제외하고 학부모님은 수업시간에 개입하실 수 없습니다. 

4. 학부모님은 자녀의 수업 중 참석하고 싶은 수업을 미리 정하여야 합니다. 

5. 학부모님의 자녀가 듣는 수업에 한해서만 참관이 가능합니다. 

6. 어린 학생들은 교실에서 자신의 부모님들을 보는 것에 흥분할 수 있습니다. 다른 학생들의 수업에 방해가 될 수 있으므로, 학생들은 교실 안에서 본인의 부모님과 앉거나 소통하거나 이야기할 수 없습니다. 만약 이러한 상황이 발생하여 문제시 될 경우, 학부모님께서 남은 시간 동안 참관을 계속 하실 수 있는지에 대해서는 교사의 재량에 따라 결정할 수 있습니다. 

7. 학부모님들은 참관만을 하시게 됩니다. 수업중에는 어떠한 식으로도 개입하실 수 없습니다. 질문사항이 있으실 경우는 방과후 PTO 미팅시에 하실 수 있으니, 그때까지 기다려 주시기 바랍니다. 

8. 학부모님은 원하시는 참관수업의 전체시간 동안 머무시게 됩니다. 늦게 오시거나, 빨리 나가시는 것은 학생의 수업에 방해가 될 수 있습니다. 

9. 참관수업에 대한 모든 논의는 방과후 PTO 미팅에서 진행됩니다. 

10. 원활한 진행을 위해 이번 참관수업에 참가하시고자 하는 학부모님은 사전에 신청을 하셔야 합니다

September 10, 2018- Two exciting things happen today! One is the first PTO meeting of the year. The meeting will take place right after school. Everyone is invited and welcome. The second is reps from University at Albany will visit our school today. They will talk about university in general, and share information about their school. That meeting starts at 1:00. Parents are welcome to attend.




Parents and students- If you have lost your Opensis login information, please email Mr. Stock at principal@kwangjufs.org. He can fix the issue for you.

Parents: Don't forget that you can look at your students current grades and assignments 24 hour a day, 7 days a week using Opensis. We make this information available to you so that you can stay informed about your students progress in class. All parents and students can access this information, so whether your students is doing really well, or not so well, it should not come as a surprise, as this information is always available. Click Here to go to Opensis.

Below is the official school calendar (sometimes it loads a little slow. You may have to hit the refresh button). It has all of the currently scheduled events and activities in it. It is subject to change(and will as additional events are scheduled) If you have not been getting notifications from this calendar, that means that the school does not have a current email address on file for you. To get notifications, please send Mr. Stock an email asking to be added to the list!

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    University Visit!
    by Mark Stock - Friday, 20 October 2017, 9:08 AM

    Duke Kunshan University will visit KFS on October 31st at 1:45 pm. Parents are welcome to attend.





    On September 20, 2017 SUNY Korea and FIT visited our school. They shared information about their schools and answered any questions the student had. They also shared information about ...

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