Mr. Derek Iwanuk, MS ELA

Originally from Toronto Ontario Canada, Mr. Iwanuk graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a BA in English and Communication Studies. Originally inspiring to be a journalist, Mr. Iwanuk wrote for his student newspaper in college, several small community newspapers and a national publisher before diving into the wonderful world of teaching. After arriving in Korea in 2009, and meeting the love of his life, Mr. Iwanuk went back to school to earn his Massachusetts state teaching licence. In Massachusetts, Mr. Iwanuk taught English to immigrants who recently immigrated to the United States. When not teaching, Mr. Iwanuk enjoys watching his beloved Toronto sport franchises, spending time with his family, hiking and travelling around Asia. 


Mr. PJ Baybay, MS Science

Originally from the Philippines, Mr.PJ has started his career at KFS in August 2018 but before that, he was a middle school Science teacher in the Philippines for 3 years and Malaysia for 4 years. He has been teaching for nine years now and eight years of those are International Schools following the International Baccalaureate programme from Primary to Diploma and WASC accredited school. Mr.PJ has a degree in Secondary Education major in Biology and completed the academics in Master of Education major in Educational Management both taken in the Philippines. He also took the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainees and is currently enrolled at American College of Education taking up Master of Education in STEM Leadership. As an educator, Mr.PJ’s experiences have provided him with in-depth knowledge and helped him to grow into a more understanding, reliable and creative teacher. The learning journey which not only a student, but a teacher goes through is critically important for the progress of the modern world. He feels extremely proud that he plays a role in this.


Mr. Kyle Hammel, MS Social Studies

Mr. Hammel was born in San Diego, California, and lived there until moving to Korea seven years ago after finishing graduate school and having a strong desire to live and teach abroad. He received both his Bachelor of Arts (2009) and Master of Arts (2012) in History from San Diego State University with his M.A. focusing on Republican Rome and Hellenistic Egypt. This will be his first year at our school after teaching the previous six at Incheon National University where along with teaching, he got to be involved in a variety of activities such as being a mentor for INU’s yearly Model United Nations. Mr. Hammel thinks that having an enthusiastic lifelong curiosity about the world is something we should foster in students so that they become adaptable and open minded adults. In his free time he enjoys reading history books, hiking, traveling in Korea and abroad and is a big sports fan.