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The Story of our History

The Story of our History

The story of Kwangju Foreign School – Its History

Kwangju Foreign School is an International Foreign School located in Gwangju, South Korea. Kwangju Foreign School uses an American sytle curriculum starting in Pre-K and goes through grade 12. Kwangju Foreign School is accredited through WASC, and has a reputation for providing a quality education at a more affordable price when compared to some other foreign schools. Besides our core subjects of Math, Reading/Language Arts, Science and Social Studies, we also offer a variety of elective classes for students to choose from, based on their grade level. Students in the High School are able to take AP courses both in the school, and online.
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Founded by Robert Holley, a well-known television personality and international attorney in Korea, Kwangju Foreign School has educated students for the past 18 years. As a kindergarten through grade twelve organization, Kwangju Foreign School offers a United States-based curriculum to foreign students residing in the Gwangju area.

Milestones in School History

1999-The school opened with just 13 elementary students.

2001-The student body adopted the “cougar” as a mascot.

2002-The school grew to more than 90 students with a full middle and high school program.

2003-The first KFS graduate was accepted into an American university.

2005-The school earned full accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

2005-The school cofounded the Southern Korean Athletic Conference (SKAC) which now consists of 7 schools.

2005-The school expanded its performing arts program to include a choir and orchestra.

2006-The school earned its first SKAC championships in basketball and cross country.

2006-The school’s first Advanced Placement course was offered.

2008-The school earned it first SKAC championship in soccer.

2008-The school started a chapter of the National Honor Society.

2010-A graduate earned acceptance into an Ivy League University, Cornell University.

2012-The school moved to its new, purpose-built facility in Cheomdan.

2015 – The school added Drama to it performing arts program.


Board of Directors

Kwangju Foreign School has a governing board which meets semi-annually although more frequent meetings may occur if a particular issue arises which needs immediate action. Its primary function is to advise the administration on the following issues: school policy, rules, and regulations; annual budget expenditures; faculty and staff needs; and faculty and staff retention.

Governing Board Membership

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Appointed Membership:

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