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Student of the Month

Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being selected as Student of the Month for November. Please scroll down the page to see all the students.


Daniel K.

“Daniel has gone above and beyond on every assignment since the first day of school! He’s a great example for the other students and I think he might secretly be Spiderman. Great job Daniel!”

Grace P.

The middle school teachers at Kwangju Foreign School are excited to award the Student of the Month to Grace P.  In the first two months of school, Grace has shown many great qualities.  She is an outstanding student both academically and on our athletic teams.  In class, Grace asks great questions that often lead to stimulating class discussions.  She comes to school each day with a desire to learn.  Grace demonstrates all the positive traits that we, the middle school teachers, want from all of our students.  

Taewon K

Taewon K  has transitioned well into high school.  He demonstrates consistency, initiative, responsibility, and good study skills.  He is also community minded and helps out when needed.