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Student of the Month

Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being selected as Student of the Month for October. Please scroll down the page to see all the students.


Richard H.

Richard arrived at KFS just a few short months ago and he’s already emerged as a class leader. He’s a wonderful role model for his classmates and we’re excited that he’s here. Congratulations, Richard!

Alice G.

The middle school staff has selected Alice G. for our Middle School Student of the Month.   Alice is always willing to help other students with their studies.  In all of her classes, she has shown great character and an eagerness to learn new concepts.  Alice takes a holistic approach to learning, because she is able to build and articulate connections between different subjects.   We are very proud of her hard work and the dedication she has shown.  We expect amazing things from her in the future. 

Jimin Y

Jimin puts a consistent effort and performs well in all his subjects.  He is punctual and responsible in all his endeavors.

Furthermore, he was a big help during the recent camping trip, taking initiative to clean up and being responsible.

It is great to have Jimin in the KFS class of 2019!